The Magic of Real Estate is an interactive, web-based, multi-media training platform for real estate entrepreneurs. 


This is real estate training for a new breed of real estate entrepreneurs.


As you go through the multi-media content on this website, it is our hope that you will not only consume information, but to also apply what you have learned. We know from experience that most would-be real estate entrepreneurs fail to buy even a single property, in part because they never close the gap between knowledge and application. They don’t actually know how and when to use what they learn.

The products created by our founder, Toyin Dawodu, which make up the ever-growing catalog for The Magic of Real Estate are specifically designed to be actionable. We go beyond telling you to find a motivated seller and tell you precisely how to spot a motivated seller. We go beyond telling you to negotiate with the seller and provide you with a script so you know how to map out the conversation. 


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