Real Estate Training for a New Breed of Real Estate Entrepreneurs

The 9 Real Estate Profiencies We Teach:

Real Estate Contract Structures

Learn the 9 different ways to structure a real estate deal and how the offer, acceptance, consideration, and time frame are impacted by each type of real estate deal. 

Negotiation Techniques

Learn what questions to ask and what words to say to sellers to get the best deal. You can guarantee yourself steep discounts on the sale price if you know what to say to sellers, and more important, if you understand what they are saying to you.

Researching Properties

Identify the stakeholders on the title of any property. Find liens and other encumbrances. 

Locating Owners

Learn how to locate the owners of abandoned or foreclosed properties using public records and paid tracking services.

Funding Deals

Learn how to find and negotiate funding with banks, private lenders, and hard money lenders to fund real estate deals so you don't have to pay for properties yourself.

Finding and Negotiating Short Sales & Foreclosures

 Learn when to contact the bank and when to contact the owner about delinquent properties. Find out what to say in negotiations with banks about properties in foreclosure. 

Valuing and Analyzing Properties

What is the value of the property? Learn to identify the variables that impact property value and how you can leverage such information to get steep discounts on properties.  

Team Building

Find out how to find and assemble the real estate professionals needed to make your real estate business flow efficiently.

Protecting Your Investment

Learn how to protecting your family, assets, and investments by structuring your real estate business properly. 

Training for Serious Real Estate Entrepreneurs of All Types

The Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship program is our accelerated program, set aside for a hand-picked number of students who are serious about immediately going to work in the $4 trillion real estate business.

We produce knowledgeable, experienced real estate entrepreneurs who go on to become successful private lenders, real estate investors, rehabbers, and flippers. After all, there's more than one way to make money in the real estate business. 

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Learning from these experieneces... it definitely helps to have somebody who knows what they're doing... Dealing with different types of clients and personalities, with this type of hands on experience, you learn all these things."

Andre W.

Real Estate Apprentice - Rehabbing

"What Toyin has achieved for me seems like magic. I had to beg him to work with me... I quickly joined his program and within six months, I almost doubled my money. I started with $106,000 investment and when the property I invested in sold, I got back over $60,000 plus my initial investment."


Real Estate Apprentice - Flipping

"When Toyin opened my eyes to the world of Real Estate Trust Deed investments, I knew I could retire comfortably... So far, I am averaging 12% return on my money and I sleep like a baby at night knowing my investment is safe.

Bill & Patty

Real Estate Apprentices - Private Lending

Here's What You Will Accomplish in the Next 90 Days as a Pick My Brain Student

  • You will use FREE public records to find motivated sellers who would love to sell their off-market properties to you
  • Research properties and track down property owners who have abandoned properties
  • Negotiate with sellers to get 20-30% discount off the sale price of whatever property you're buying
  • Get funding so you never have to put up your own money to make money in this business
  • Build your real estate dream team to help you locate, research, and acquire properties

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